Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery is a form of plastic surgery, which is intended to improve the appearance or to decorate. You’re as beautiful as you feel. But if there is something to your face that you bothers there usually exists a treatment to improve the contour of the face or to slow down the aging process or to reverse.

Meaningful treatments may be:

skin Rejuvenation

An individualized program of skin ointment and cream, CO2 laser resurfacing, TCA peel.

Injectables (volume Rimpels)

Botulinum toxin, lip augmentation, fillers (hyaluronic acid)


Hair Implantation, brow lift , upper blepharoplasty , lower eyelid , canthoplastiek, midfacelift, protruding ear correction , earlobe correction, rhinoplasty , facelift , neck lift, lipaugmentatie, kinaugmentatie