Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery of the head and neck area includes closing defects and reconstructing organs. You can think of replacing a tongue, reconstructing a jaw or rebuilding a nose or an ear. As good as it can be taking into account functions such as swallowing, breathing and talking.

In reconstructions, it is important to ensure a good blood supply to the tissue used. This is particularly the case if the area is also in advance has been irradiated or after the removal of the tumor is still going to be irradiated. Reconstructions take place after the removal of skin tumors but also after the removal of deeper, more complex mucosal tumors and other tumors of the head and neck area.

Often with tissue from the environment to continue for some time remains connected to the original blood vessels are carried out a reconstruction (called ‘stalked lap). Thanks to the operation microscope can also be worked with tissue from other parts of the body ( ‘free revascularised patches “). In that case, dissected free the blood vessels, and by taken when removing the ‘lap’ to the tissue later after transplantation to the head and neck with the aid of an operating microscope by means of Vascular anastomoses to attach to donor vessels in the face or the neck.