Mime therapy

Mime-therapy aims to promote the symmetry of the face, as well as move in rest. The exercises are designed to teach the movement of the facial muscles of the healthy and affected side together. Through practice establishes a conscious connection between body, emotions and facial expression. For example, the patient can get a better control over his or her facial expression.

Mime therapy aims to incomplete recovery of facial nerve after the first 9 months to suppress the annoying residual effects on the affected side. Also, mime therapy can assist the patient with facial paralysis during the first year of the recovery phase of the nerve. The treatment starts ideally once again some movement on the affected side of the face is visible.

Mime-therapy exists, making use of 9-12 treatments, from:

  1. a comprehensive study of the mobility of the face and experienced symptoms
  2. information about treatment and prognosis
  3. instructions in daily life, Wed rest and pause regimen and daily activities
  4. self-massage the face and neck
  5. breathing relaxation exercises
  6. coordination exercises of the facial muscles on both healthy and affected side
  7. instructions to suppress move along the face
  8. exercises for eye and lip seal, letter and word exercises
  9. instructions with respect to possibilities of expression

Mime therapy is given by Ans van Noord, practice for physiotherapy and manual therapy Sonnevelt and North.

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